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10 Things Every Sewing Kit Should Have

So, you just invested in the Juki of your dreams, and you’re ready to start checking off sewing projects for every season. But if you’re new to the art of sewing, you’ll need more than just that dream sewing machine. You’ll need notions, too – lots and lots of notions! We have the perfect list of items no sewing kit should be without.

Steam Iron

First on your list should be a reliable steam iron. Steam is a necessity for any sewist who works in quilting or apparel. It’s important to work with fabric that’s been pre-ironed because it helps you make straighter cuts. You’ll need to iron your projects as you go, too. Neatly pressed seams can make all the difference in how your project comes together.

Ironing Board or Wool Pressing Mat

Ironing boards come in all sizes. You can stand them upright in your spacious sewing room. But if space is tight, you can also hang them on the back of a door or use a tabletop version. Many of today’s sewists elect to use a wool pressing mat placed on a sturdy desk or table. Whichever ironing surface works best for you, keep your steam iron close by for easy use.

Rotary Cutter and Self-Healing Mat

These two tools go together, so they need only one space on our list. In fact, you can buy this combo at any quilting supply store or online, together or separately. Once you’ve pressed your fabric neatly, you can line it up on your self-healing mat and make quick cuts with your rotary cutter. You’ll need an acrylic ruler, too, but there are so many from which to choose, we’ve given them their own space on our list of must-have sewing supplies.

Acrylic Rulers

We used rulers in the plural because these handy tools can be addictive, and few sewists can stop at just one. There are simple acrylic rulers intended to help you cut straight lines, and then there are a host of other rulers that help you cut curves and more. Some rulers are slotted throughout, so you can cut multiple strips without repositioning your ruler or fabric.

Fabric Scissors

There are as many types of fabric scissors on the sewing market today as there is fabric. Pick one and see how it works for you. Mid-size is usually best for general cutting. But you may want to invest in small embroidery scissors to snip threads as well. An important point to remember is that sewing scissors should only be used to cut fabric and thread. Anything else can cause them to become dull or unusable.

Miscellaneous Sewing Kit Supplies

You’ll need to have many other notions in your sewing kit before jumping into your favorite sewing projects. These include:

  • Nice quality thread
  • Sewing machine oil
  • Extra blades for your rotary cutter
  • Different needles for your sewing machine
  • Straight pins or clips

Once you’ve spent some time sewing and have completed a few projects, you’ll get a better feel for which supplies you prefer. This list will get you started sewing in Tucson and anywhere else.

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