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8 Springtime Embroidery Projects for Beginners 

When it comes time for spring cleaning, you’ll work hard to give your home that fresh feeling that will last all through the sunny months. But at the end of the day, when it’s time to add a homey flair to your newly freshened abode, there’s no better way to put a personal touch on it than with your embroidery decorations. We found these 8 adorable embroidery patterns for beginners that are perfect for spring. These patterns are so nice, your friends and family might not even be able to that you’re new to the craft.

8 Fun Spring Embroidery Projects for Beginners

The Easter Cross Appliqué

This beautiful and reverent Easter pattern is an excellent addition to any Easter celebration. Best of all, it’s straightforward and a perfect way to get the hang of doing embroidery for the first time.

Designs for the Kids

The little girls in your life will love what you’ve done to their backpacks, their cast aside winter gloves, and more with these simple and cute embroidery designs for kids.

Easter Bunny Scallop

Adorn any tabletop, oven mitt, or scrapbook with this simple Easter bunny scallop. This elegant design has an ornate feel, yet it is exceedingly simple and is a great way to learn embroidery before moving on to more challenging projects.

The Golf Appliqué

It’s the perfect addition to any gift for the golfer in your life. The golf appliqué could not be simpler, and it’s super easy to do. Who could object to such an unobtrusive design?

Patriotic Cupcakes

What could be more patriotic than a cupcake with the American flag planted in it? These are excellent decorations for placemats to be used at your fourth of July celebration this summer.

Satin Stars

You can’t go wrong with a simple star design. This satin stitch star appliqué is perfect for any location and any occasion. Best of all, you’ll make this error-free with simple, straight lines that are absolutely fool-proof.

Stars & Stripes

The ultimate t-shirt friendly embroidery appliqué, the good old American flag will look great on any summertime T and will offer very little resistance for anyone looking to learn the craft with ease.

Floppy Frogs

Up to this point, we’ve offered a lot of simple lines that should be easy to render. But for some, curved lines are easier. If that’s you, this cute and silly frog design will suit your style well. It will look adorable on a girl’s dress or shirt, or wherever you happen to place it.

Doing Tucson Embroidery Your Way

Don’t forget, we have everything you need to make these patterns a reality here at Sewing-n-More in Tucson, AZ. We have curbside pickup, so browse online, place your orders, and call ahead for the best results so we can have your summer sewing supplies all packed up and ready to go.


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