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9 Decorative Sewing Projects for the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing! With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving just a few short weeks away, now is the time to start planning your holiday sewing projects. We’re currently focused on the decorative side of holidays, such as Thanksgiving sewing projects, Christmas sewing projects, and other seasonal and holiday items you might wish to create right at home.

Why create your own decorative sewing projects for the holidays? Well, if you’re like us, nothing gets you in the spirit quite like busting out the decorations—and we all know that heartfelt, homemade decorations spark more joy every year than store bought ones! It’s time to get out your professional sewing machine and tackle one of these fun fall sewing projects this holiday season:

Flannel and Fur Blanket

Here in the Southwest it may not get as cold as other parts of the country, but on chilly nights, a warm and cozy throw blanket can be a great thing to have. This flannel and fur blanket makes a great fall sewing project that can easily be customized for whatever holiday you want to celebrate. First, determine the size you want your blanket to be, pick out the fur and flannel you like best, then gather your basic sewing supplies. From there, simply cut, clip, and sew!

Plush Velvet Pumpkins

Fake pumpkins

Velvet is a trendy fabric at the moment, both for fashion and home décor. Why not incorporate it into your holiday sewing projects? It works particularly well with these plush velvet pumpkins and looks more elegant than most other fabric choices. These pumpkins are super easy to make. Just cut your fabric into a circle—the size of your choosing—and sew in small gatherings all the way around. Once you have fully sewn the circle, stuff the pumpkins. Then use glue to secure them and add the stems.

Autumn Appliqué Artwork

While this tutorial is a no-sew tutorial, it could be much improved with the addition of some decorative stitches. You’re going to love this craft because it’s specifically designed to help you use up your fabric scraps—and who doesn’t love a good scrap-busting project? You can use the patterns provided  for this autumn applique artwork project or create your own. Based on the patterns, cut your fabric into the necessary shapes, then attach them to the fabric on your embroidery hoop. It’s simple, cute, and lets you complete a fall or Thanksgiving sewing project without spending money on new fabric!

Handprint Turkeys

Handprint Turkey

If you’re like the team at SewingnMore, you cherish the idea of passing down your love of sewing to the next generation. A great way to do this is to involve the little ones in your crafts. This handprint turkey project allows you to do just that. This project takes the handprint turkey we all made in school and turns it into a decorative item. Start by having the child you’re crafting with make an outline of their hand on paper, then trace over it in black marker to make your pattern. Next, find fabric scraps large enough to double with room to cut out the pattern—you’ll need one type of fabric for the palm and as many different ones as you wish for the fingers. Pin the pattern to the fabric and cut, giving yourself the extra room to stitch it up while still retaining the size and shape. From there, flip everything so the pretty sides are out. Then simply stuff and finish!

Snowman Door Hanger

Paper Snowman

Holiday wreaths are quite common but here’s a different and fun snowman door hanger project. This sewing craft is pretty detailed, so pay careful attention to the steps as outlined in the tutorial. You can easily customize it to be as simple or complex as you want it to be. Rather than the striped background, for example, you could choose a solid color. Or you could quilt the whole way through rather than just the decorative strip at the top. There’s definitely room to get creative with this holiday sewing project.

Cheerful Advent Calendar

An advent calendar can be used year after year and easily become a family heirloom. With 27 steps in this cheerful advent calendar project, it may be time consuming but the sewing itself is all straightforward. It’s also a good project for introducing children to professional sewing machines and how to use them. Passing down your crafting knowledge can be an excellent gift to give this season.

Dreidel Garland

When looking at decorative sewing projects for the holidays, you can’t forget Hanukkah. We love the idea of this dreidel garland with eight dreidels to mark each of the eight nights. The tutorial suggests using old neckties for a no-sew craft, but you can also use this for a scrap fabric sewing project, especially if you have a lot of pieces in blues and whites. Create a pattern first, cut out the shapes, then sew them with the pretty sides in, flipping them out before adding the tab at the top. Add all the decorative accents before stringing up the garland.

Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas Tree Skirt

A quilted Christmas tree skirt is a classic item to bring out each holiday season, and this sewing project ensures you will have an heirloom-quality piece. Start by cutting out 24 wedges of fabric using the fabric of your choice and sizing them to suit your tree. Next, sew the wedges into pairs, then combine them. Continue until you have two sets of six wedges. Repeat this process so you have four sets—two for the top of the skirt and two for the bottom. Then sew the top two together, the bottom two together, and join both sides to form the finished tree skirt, leaving a hole for the tree base and embellishing the skirt as you wish. What a beautiful piece to display under your tree every year!

Canine Stocking

The whole family should get to enjoy the holiday season, and that includes pets. This canine stocking project is made much like any other type of stocking—cut the pattern, cut the fabric, sew pretty side in, and turn out when finishing. The difference is that the stocking is in the shape of a dog bone rather than a sock, which does require a few adjustments. Add a few delightful decorative elements and voila! You’ll have a holiday sewing project for pets, too!

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