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Are Quilting Sewing Machines Hard to Use? A Closer Look

Are you an avid quilter? Or are you looking to start? Since the pandemic in 2020, 51% of quilters are spending more time quilting. And with the market booming, now’s the time to get lost in the fabric.

There are plenty of tools and machines for you to use, depending on your desired project.

If you’ve done research in the sewing community, then you’ve heard of quilting sewing machines. The right one can make all the difference during your next quilting project.

But what are they exactly? And are they hard to use?

This article takes a closer look at quilting machines. So keep reading to learn more and put any of those worries to rest!

Quilting Sewing Machines Vs. Sewing Machines

A quilting machine is, in basic terms, a simplified sewing machine. The average sewing machine has a variety of stitching styles, but a quilting machine only has one. It’s the straight stitch.

The needle in quilting machines doesn’t move left to right. And there is no feed dog either. The most noticeable difference between the two is the size. A quilting machine is longer than a regular domestic sewing machine.

They can be anywhere from 20 inches to 26 inches across. But don’t let their size intimidate you. A bulky project requires a suitable workspace.

And the size helps those large, comfy quilts pass underneath without getting tangled.

Quilting machines also have a variety of foot options you can add on. These include the free motion, walking foot, and quarter-inch foot add-on. And their speed and stability put them a tier above the average sewing machine.

Are They Hard to Use?

The short answer? No. Like any type of machinery, practice makes perfect.

Quilting machines are easy to master. And you won’t get overwhelmed by all the different decorative stitches. They are a callback to a simpler time.

Plus, their larger size makes even sewing king-sized quilts a breeze! And if you’re a tech wizard, you can connect a computer to some quilting machines and let it drive itself. Letting you relax while it does the heavy lifting.

If you’re still unsure, consider taking a class where you can learn to sew. Some classes will teach you how to use your new machine.

Types of Quilting Machines

No matter what you are in the business for, there are plenty of options out there. Quilting sewing machine prices range anywhere from $150 to $3,000, depending on all the gizmos and gadgets you want.

Brother and Juki brands are popular with their computerized features and stitch count. Their machines also function as both sewing and quilting machines.

Don’t let the price turn you away. Many of the best name-brand machines have bundles available!

Quilter Machines Are a Quilters Dream Come True

Whether you’re a veteran quilter or just starting, a quilting machine is a smart investment!

Quilting sewing machines give you the precision, workspace, and functions you need. Get a great deal with Cathey’s Sewing ‘N’ More financing and free tech support!

Check out our products page or contact us with questions!

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