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Sewing Tree buttons

Fun Buttons, Bows, and Other Notions for Sewing Projects

If you’re anything like us, your house is filled with tons of sewing pieces and accessories for your hobby, including buttons, bows, and other notions for spontaneous sewing projects. There are so many to choose from, and such a variety for each holiday and season! No matter how many buttons, bows, and sewing notions you have, it always seems like there’s room for more in your collection.

Autumn is the perfect time to stock up on new, fun elements for your sewing projects, especially for the upcoming holiday season—when you’ll be indoors more often due to chilly weather. Whether your fun sewing projects are for holiday gifts or just because, we’ve come up with some creative ways to use these buttons, bows, and sewing notions.

A Variety of Buttons

Buttons are one of our favorite sewing notions. They come in every color and style under the rainbow and can be used in a variety of ways. As accents or functional pieces, they’re both affordable and fabulous, which makes them a joy to collect. If fall is your favorite season, variety packs and button selections online and in stores are endless this time of year. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to seasonal buttons and sewing projects.

If you’re itching for Christmas already, there’s no reason you can’t start on your holiday sewing projects now. If you intend to sew some holiday gifts, you can start any time of the year. Holiday or seasonal themed buttons are fun on fall wreaths, fleece vests, scarves, hats, slippers, booties, and even seasonal banners. Buttons can also make excellent additions to homemade Christmas ornaments. If you’re looking for new ways to make holiday buttons stand out, try combining them with ribbon and fabric scraps to create really unique pieces of art.

Sewing buttons

Bows, Ribbons, and Yarn Galore

Our love for bows, ribbons, and yarn knows no bounds. These may be the easiest type of sewing notion to add to crafts, as they can be incorporated into almost any sewing project—especially if the colors go well together. Just a small stretch of ribbon can be used to create a pretty embellishment on any nearly any sewing or craft project, if that’s the look you’re going for. Try adding these little decorative bows to quilting projects, slipper socks, headbands, handbags, toys, and more.

Ribbon and yarn can also be used in practical ways to create ties on pillow covers, gift card holders, bags, and book covers. Practical uses for ribbon and yarn are the backbone of homemade gifts for everyday use such as drawstrings, ties, and handles. On the decorative end of the spectrum, some bows are sold pre-made so you can just sew or tie them to any project you’d like. Easy as pie.

Zippers and Pockets

When it comes to zippers and pockets for sewing projects, there are so many kinds to consider and countless ways to use them. Zippers and pockets can be functional parts of sewing projects–but also totally decorative and adorable. Think of pockets shaped like hearts, animals, leaves, or a holiday decoration or theme. They can zip or button—or remain open with fun, bright pocket liners. Zippers made in bright colors or lace can also add a definitive pop of pizazz to any project. Sometimes just that little pop of color or unique twist to a craft project will make it all the more special.

Patches and Appliques

Sewing buttons on heart

Who can resist adding an amazing applique to a sewing project? Not us. From headbands to coats, handbags, clothing, and more, there are plenty of other sewing accessories and notions that can be added to your latest project, whether you planned ahead to use the notion or end up adding it at the end of your project. Funky and fun patches or pieces of cloth can make any sewing piece appear more vintage or rustic, while appliques with favorite characters, names, and images on them can personalize any design.

Sparkle for your Sewing Projects

For those extra special sewing projects, try adding a little sparkle. Most decorative sewing notions can be found in forms that are sparkly and add some zing to a design. Buttons that bling, sparkle, and shine like diamonds—glittery ribbons and bows, and even yarn and patches that catch the light add a little extra glimmer and gleam to projects for those feminine projects.

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