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Grabbit Magnetic Pincushion (Blue)




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Grabbit Magnetic Pincushion. Pins stay put on the round plastic pin holder with a powerful magnetic field. This package contains one four inch round magnetic pincushion and fifty plastic head pins. Available in 8 colors: Black, Blue, Lavender, Purple, Raspberry, Red, Teal and Yellow.


  • Includes 50 colored plastic head pins which are easy to grasp
  • Powerful magnet holds pins in place, yet safe near your sewing machine
  • No more picking up spilled pins, simply sweep them up
  • No more stopping work to push pins into a cloth cushion, just drop them on your Grabbit.
  • Terrific organizing tool, whether you sew or not; can be used in the office, sewing or hobby rooms, workbench area, etc and to collect paperclips, nails/screws or junk drawer mysteries

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5.0 × 4.6 × 1.5 in


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