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The Q’nique 16X Manual from the Grace Company makes a great starter machine for those just getting into midarm/longarm quilting. This mechanical midarm is a manual-mode-only machine that does not include stitch regulation. It can run up to 1,700 stitches per minute, making any project a breeze. With its simple design, the 16X Manual offers excellent stitch quality with simple manual speed control; you can move at your own pace and create detailed and intricate stitching. Along the front of the machine is a light-up speed gauge that lets the user know how fast the machine is stitching. As with all the machines in the 16X series, the Manual also includes 16″ of throat space, an automatic bobbin winder, and LED lights.

Machine Features:

  • Designed To Feel Familiar: Making the leap to a longarm machine can be intimidating, but the Q’nique 16X makes it easy! This machine is lightweight and easily maneuverable compared to other longarms with its dual wheels
  • Speed Guage: Enjoy all the benefits of quilting on a midarm without having to navigate through multiple display screens. On the 16X Manual, Grace has removed the LCD touchscreen and replaced it with a light-up speed gauge. If you ever want to upgrade your 16X Manual to the 16X and add the screen, that’s an option, too
  • LED Lighting: Super bright, color–balanced daylight LEDs light your workspace, reducing eye strain and fatigue. This machine is ready to give you more light where you need it most. The bobbin light illuminates the hook assembly area while the LED throat lights create an even brighter, shadow-free workspace
  • 16″ Throat Space: Stop struggling to quilt those queen and king-size quilts on a domestic machine and instead upgrade to a machine that tackles large projects with ease. With a full 16″ of throat space, you can expect to complete large sections of your quilt quicker than before, and best of all, you won’t have your fabric getting bunched up under the throat. Quilts with big blocks tend to make a more significant visual impact, which is now easier than ever with Grace’s 16X
  • 4 Quick Access Buttons: The 16X has simplified the handlebar controls by reducing them to just two buttons on each handle. You can increase the number, size, or speed of the stitching with the up arrow and decrease the number, size, or speed of the stitching with the down arrow. The “play” button will start/stop the machine, and the stitch button can create a single stitch or toggle the needle between the up and down position
  • Repositionable Hopping Foot: The hopping foot on the 16X was designed with optimum visibility in mind. Depending on preference and what you are quilting, you can easily switch the foot to the left, right, or back of the needle. You can also adjust the height of your foot. When quilting with thick fabric or batting layers, the hopping foot may press down on the quilt too tightly and begin to drag. Alternatively, having the hopping foot too high can result in skipped stitches
  • Built-In Automatic Bobbin Winder: Unlike other midarm and longarm machines, the 16X Manual has a built-in bobbin winder to wind your large M Style bobbins quickly. The machine’s bobbin cam is set so the bobbin will wind completely before the winder shuts off. Since the bobbin winder works independently of the machine, you can wind your bobbin while you’re quilting. For best results when winding a bobbin, Grace recommends 50 weight polyester thread on a cone
  • Dual Thread Mast: Quilt and wind bobbins simultaneously on the 16X with its dual thread mast. This great feature saves you time and energy! You no longer have to stop quilting just to wind a bobbin. With the dual thread mast, you have a dedicated space for your bobbin and quilting threads
  • Light-up Speed Indicator: New lights added to the throat space and bobbin area give you better visibility and clarity where you need it most
  • 1,700 Stitches Per Minute: he powerful motor in the 16X Manual produces up to 1700 stitches per minute. This powerful motor allows you to create beautiful, consistent stitches. You can also slow the machine down to sew at 90 stitches per minute. This broad range of speed is perfect for the manual stitch mode on the machine
  • Extendable Ergonomic Handles: The soft, ergonomic handles are designed to follow the contours and curves of your hand, relieving stress in your hands and wrists so you can quilt comfortably. Both handles of the Q’nique 16X can be adjusted by rotating them or extending them. With this level of adjustability, you can quilt for longer without any aches and pains
  • Redesigned Bobbin Winder with Fill Sensors: Redesigned bobbin winder uses improved sensors to fill your bobbin perfectly every time
  • Easy Access Bobbin: The bobbin case location on this machine has been designed for quick and easy accessibility. Changing your bobbin is now more user-friendly than ever. The Q’nique 16X Series uses larger M Class bobbins that hold more thread than standard bobbins. This allows you to quilt for longer periods of time before needing to change or refill your bobbin

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Cutie Table Top, Q-Zone Hoop, Q-Zone Queen, Continuum II 8', Continuum II 10', Continuum II 12'


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