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Making the leap to a Long Arm Machine can be intimidating, but the Q’nique 19X Longarm Quilting Machine makes it easy! Compared to other long arms, the Grace Q’nique 19X is lightweight and easily maneuverable.

Delivering an extended reach, impressive technology, and many useful features, the Q’nique 19X delivers a professional power in an approachable size that feels like your home sewing machine.

Machine Features:

  • 19″ Throat Space: The 19″ throat gives you ample space for quilting large designs. With a longarm quilting machine, you can complete quilts faster with less effort. Quilt florals, blocks, borders, stippling, and more effortlessly with the 19X
  • Full Color Touch Screen: On the 19X is a 2.4″ touch screen display with intuitive screens and controls that allows you to easily navigate through all the features your machine has to offer. You can adjust the brightness of your screen, mute certain alarms, and even find what version of firmware and when it was last updated
  • Printed Threading Guides: Unlike many other longarm quilting machines, the Q19X features printed threading guides directly on the body of the machine. Simply follow the images to thread your quilting machine with ease
  • Adjustable Comfort Grips: The soft, ergonomic handles are designed to follow the contours and curves of your hand, relieving stress in your hands and wrists so you can quilt comfortably. Both handles of the Q’nique 19X can be adjusted by rotating them or extending them. With this level of adjustability, you can quilt for longer without any aches and pains
  • Designed to Feel Familiar: The Q’nique 19X builds a bridge for quilting enthusiasts who want to take the leap from a shortarm or midarm machine, but are intimidated by the assumed issues of weight, size, and complexity of longarm machines. This longarm encourages a small step out of the customer’s comfort zone in exchange for a giant leap in quality, features, and capability
  • Built-in Bobbin Winder: Unlike other midarm and longarm machines, the 19X has a built-in bobbin winder to wind your large M Style bobbins quickly. The machine’s bobbin cam is set so the bobbin will wind completely before the winder shuts off. Since the bobbin winder works independently of the machine, you can wind your bobbin while you’re quilting. For best results when winding a bobbin, Grace recommends 50 weight polyester thread on a cone
  • 2000spm: The powerful motor in the 19X produces up to 2600 stitches per minute. This powerful motor, combined with the built-in stitch regulator, allows you to create beautiful, consistent stitches. You can also slow the machine down to sew at 90 stitches per minute. This broad range of speed is perfect for the four different stitch modes on the machine: cruise, precise, baste, and manual
  • Bulit-in Stitch Regulatory & Counter: The Q’nique 19X comes standard with a built-in stitch regulator. The motion of the machine is monitored via high-resolution encoders. This intelligent feature tells the motor how fast or slow to stitch. Moving the machine too quickly while quilting can reduce the quality of the stitch regulation. If the machine is moved too quickly, an alarm will sound, a red LED light will shine on the needle area, and the “start stitching” button on the display will turn red. Slow the movement of the machine to turn off the alarm, light, and display alert. Both the alarm and the display alert can be deactivated in the settings menu
  • Edge Warning: The edge warning alert system helps you stay within a “safe area” of your quilt by notifying you when you approach the edge of a set boundary. This will help prevent the machine from hitting the rails of the frame, but you can also set boundaries around a particular block or section of the quilt. Please note the Edge Warning is automatically deactivated in baste mode, so the alarm will not bother you while tacking down your quilt. It also has an over-speed warning system with lights and sounds
  • Adjustable LED Lighting: Super bright, color–balanced daylight LEDs light your workspace, reducing eye strain and fatigue. These unique LED lights are adjustable, allowing you to brighten or dim them according to your needs
  • Dual Thread Mast: Quilt and wind bobbins simultaneously on the 19X with its dual thread mast. This great feature saves you time and energy! You no longer have to stop quilting just to wind a bobbin. With the dual-thread mast, you have a dedicated space for your bobbin and quilting threads
  • Easy Access Bobbin: Quilt and wind bobbins simultaneously on the 19X with its dual thread mast. This great feature saves you time and energy! You no longer have to stop quilting just to wind a bobbin. With the dual-thread mast, you have a dedicated space for your bobbin and quilting threads
  • Elite Technology: The Q’nique 19X offers innovative smart technology like a needle magnet to guide your needle orientation, a digital measuring tool, on-screen help guides, and a bobbin estimator feature that tells you how much longer your bobbin will last
  • Stitch Regulated Cruise – With this mode the needle will always be bouncing, even when you stop moving the longarm. This is very helpful when quilting over bulky seams when you need to move slowly. You can now set the speed of the needle bounce, as well as the size of your stitches on your touchscreen monitor or with your handlebar buttons
  • Stitch Regulated Precise – This stitch regulated mode will create perfect stitches to match the speed of your movement and the needle will stop in the up position when you stop moving the machine. This is a great choice for ruler quilting when you need to shift the ruler, but don’t want more stitches going into your quilt
  • Stitch Regulated Baste – Use the basting function and three sizes to load your quilt on your frame or baste the layers of your quilts to stitch on a different machine
  • Manual Mode – This mode turns off the stitch regulator and runs the machine at a steady speed, which you can adjust on the touchscreen or with your handlebar buttons
  • 19″ x 8.3″ Work Space
  • Manual Thread Tension Control
  • Adjustable Hopping Foot


Included Accessories:

  • Front Adjustable Handlebars
  • Standard Quilting Foot
  • Needles (size 18, 16)
  • Needle Alignment Magnet
  • Flat-head Screwdriver
  • Hopping Foot Height Tool
  • 3 M Class Bobbins
  • Lint Brush


Manufacturer Limited Warranty:

  • 1 Year Electrical Parts
  • 2 Years Mechanical Parts
  • 5 Years on the Cast Body

Additional information

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Dimensions 26.8 × 15.6 × 32.8 in


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