Grace Quilter’s Evolution Elite Rolling Frame (8′)




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The Quilter’s Evolution Elite-Frame represents the peak of Grace Company’s efforts in providing an elite, customizable frame quilting experience. This top-of-the-line frame is designed for quilters who are serious about their craft and are able to dedicate their time and space.

The Grace Evolution Elite Frame is the most solidly built, intuitively designed rolling rail frame Grace Company has ever offered. Quilt your biggest quilts faster, with the most creative quilting designs by taking your quilting space to the max!

Frame Features:

  • SureTrack Dual Wheel System: Smooth and fluid gliding track system allows your machine to roll back and forth on a track. This enhances stitch quality, efficiency, accuracy, and carriage motion
  • Cannel Locks: Easily lock your machine direction into either a back-and-forth motion, or side-to-side motion. This conveniently located locking system and superior clamps allow you to secure your quilt to the frame as you sew
  • No Baste Style Frame: The no-baste design completely eliminates the need for basting and makes your quilting projects easier, more convenient, and more beautiful. Save hours of time and finger strain by simply rolling your quilt onto the rails, and using the attached leaders for guides. Each layer is on its own rail and comes together onto the take-up rail as you go. The locking ratchet ends provide precise control over the tension of the fabric layers
  • Leveling Feet: These leveling feet are a simple way to make sure your frame is level and balanced no matter what type of floor you are on
  • Large Workspace: The frame’s modular design allows quilters to create a frame that perfectly fits their space and situation. Choose from three frame sizes: 8, 10, or 12 feet. The Evolution Elite has a depth of 48″, giving you plenty of space to quilt
  • Steel and Cast Alloy Components: The steel and cast-alloy components one the Elite Evolution ensure that this frame is one of the most sturdy and long-lasting frames ever designed
  • Hand Wheel: Roll all of the layers of your quilt with the take-up rail hand-wheel. This wheel moves your fabric to the next area of your project, which makes quilting simple and effortless. Grace has also updated the ratcheting system. They’ve taken the previous bulky versions and fine-tuned them into a sleeker internal structure that’s smaller, simpler, and just as strong as its predecessor
  • Height Adjustable Legs: These height-adjustable legs allow you to work at a level that is most convenient and comfortable for you. Quilt sitting or standing, the legs are adjustable from 27″ to 35″
  • Minimum Frame Size: 45″ X 90″
  • Maximum Frame Size: 53″ x 150″
  • Adjustable Height: 36″ – 44″



  • Bottom Carriage
  • 8′ Evolution Elite Frame
  • Bungee Clamps
  • Quilt Clips
  • Channel Locks
  • Take-up Rail Clips
  • Cloth Leaders


Manufacturers Limited Warranty:

  • 1 Year

Additional information

Weight 65.0 lbs
Dimensions 155.0 × 48.0 × 29.0 in

8', 10', 12'


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