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Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen 16″ Stationary Long Arm Quilting Machine w/ HQ Insight Table & Built-in HQ InSight Stitch Regulation




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Sit down to 16″ of free-motion freedom and finish any size quilt. The HQ Sweet Sixteen now comes with the exclusive HQ InSight™ Table with built-in HQ InSight Stitch Regulation for perfect stitches, every time.

If you love free-motion machine quilting but find it hard to fit your project into a small throat space, you will love the Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen! It has 16” inches of throat space. There is room for even a king-size quilt. The project glides under the needle due to the smooth surface of the included table. The powerful motor handles a thick quilt sandwich with ease. It can speed along up to 1,500 stitches per-minute. Choose your three favorite top speed settings using the easy color touch screen and let the machine remember them.

Machine Features:

  • Full 16″ of throat space
  • Provides more than three times the quilting space of domestic sewing machines
  • More than 8″ of vertical space
  • High-speed rotary hook with large capacity M-class Bobbin
  • Useful half-stitch for basting or walking stitch, controlled with touch screen or foot pedal
  • Smooth 30″ x 36″ table surface assures even quilting
  • Additional 18″ table extension available for both sides of the table
  • Hopping foot prevents fabric movement during a full-stitch cycle
  • Works with HQ rulers for perfect stitch-in-the-ditch and curved quilting lines
  • Easy setup and take-down
  • Accommodates any thread: cotton, polyester, rayon, metallics, holographic, etc.; allows for bobbin work with larger threads
  • Change needles easily with thumb screw
  • Responsive foot pedal
  • Innovative light ring illuminates the quilting area with 28 LEDS
  • Can be upgraded to a stand-up machine if desired
  • Adjustable Color Touch Screen
  • Customizable speed control
  • Save your preferred speed settings. Save one speed setting for slow, controlled quilting; one for Free-motion; and another for fast all-over designs
  • Hardware, software and serial number information
  • Needle-stop Position Control
  • Stitch counters: Lifetime Count and Resettable Trip Meter
  • Set your top speed using the intuitive adjustable color-touch screen. Save your preferred speed settings with 3 customizable pre-sets. You can save one speed setting for slow, controlled quilting, one for free-motion and yet another for fast all-over designs
  • Change needles easily with Thumb Screw Needle Screw
  • Use Half-Stitch for Basting or Walking Stitch
  • Responsive Foot Pedal with Half-stitch Control
  • Handi Quilter Rulers for perfect Stitch-in-the-ditch and curved quilting lines
  • Adjustable Color-Touch Screen includes: Customizable Speed Control with 3 Customizable Settings, Stitch Counters: Lifetime and resettable Trip Meter, Volume Control, Calculator, Serial Number Display, Hardware and Software Info, Diagnostics
  • Can be updated to a stand-up machine if desired
  • ETL Safety Approval: US, Canada, Australia and Europe
  • Handi Quilter technology and innovation; same mechanical system as the HQ18 Avanté

Included in the Box:

  • Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen 16″ Long Arm Quilting Machine
  • 4 Extra Bobbins
  • 20 Needles
  • Sample Thread Pack
  • Getting Started DVD
  • User’s Manual

Handi Quilter Warranty:

  • 5 Years Mechanical
  • 5 Years Electronic/Electrical
  • 10 Years Casting

Handi Quilter Insight™ Table w/Stitch Regulation Features:

  • Manual Mode: When in manual mode, depressing the foot pedal will cause the sewing speed to increase, until the pedal is fully depressed, at which point, the machine speed matches the top speed setting. The two buttons on the left side of the display are the Stitch Mode selectors, “Regulated” and “Manual.” Selecting “Manual” will allow the machine to operate without the stitch regulations. In this mode, you have access to the stitching speed Presets and other features that are standard with the HQ Sweet Sixteen
  • Cruise: The default Stitch-Regulation Style is called Cruise. When in Cruise stitching mode, depressing the pedal will start the machine at the defined Cruise (starting) speed. As the fabric moves, the InSight sensors will regulate the machine speed, when the fabric motion is faster than the Cruise speed setting. It speeds up as you do, maintaining the Stitches-Per-Inch stitch length that you’ve chosen. Using Cruise style allows you to ease gently into your stitching, creating smoother starts and stops. It is the best style choice for most quilting methods
  • Precision: Setting the Cruise speed to 0 will automatically engage the Precision Style of Stitch Regulation. When in Precision stitching style, depressing the pedal (or pressing the Play/Pause Button) activates the machine and starts regulation, but the machine does not start sewing yet. The status box on the top center part of the screen will turn from red to green to indicate the machine is active. Moving the fabric will start the machine stitching. When the fabric stops moving, the machine stops stitching, possibly in mid-stroke. The default Needle Up/Down choice is overridden by Precision. Releasing the pedal or pressing the Pause/Play button stops machine operation and moves the needle to the chosen Needle Up/Down position. Choosing a non-zero Cruise value will re-engage the Cruise setting
  • Regulated Mode: Pressing the “Regulated” button will change the display, replacing the “Speed Adjustment” and “Preset” sections of the screen with a “Stitches-Per-Inch” section and a “Cruis” section. A “Play/Pause” button is also added above the “More” button on the center right side of the screen to allow machine operation without having to press the foot pedal
  • Foot Pedal: In stitch-regulated mode, the foot pedal acts as a “Regulation Start” switch. Once sewing is started by depressing the foot pedal, pressing the foot pedal further will have no effect on the sewing speed. The pedal acts as a simple on-off switch
  • Play/Pause Button: There is also a “foot pedal-free” mode of regulated operation with the InSight Stitch Regulator. When in Regulated mode, a “Play/Pause” button can be found on the main screen at the center-right of the screen. This button can be used to start and stop regulated operation in place of the foot pedal

User’s Manual (opens in .pdf format)

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