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Juki MO-1000 2-Needle 4 Thread Push Button Jet Air Looper Threader Serger




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With the Juki Jet-Air MO-1000, can you imagine how easy serging could be if you didn’t have to thread the serger? Look no further than the Newly Introduced Juki MO-1000 with Jet-Air Threading. The MO1000 from Juki threads the loopers with the push of a button. Thread is sent through the tubular loopers that can be threaded in any order. This eliminates threading mistakes and protects the thread,. There are no thread guides, no struggling, no frustration. Convenient Threading with the Easy Threader Using the new easy threader feature, easily thread the machine from the threading hole to the looper with the power of a strong whoosh of air sent from the electric motor. This amazing function dramatically alters upper and lower looper threading. 1. Insert 1 to 2 cm of thread 2. Press the air-control pushbutton 3. And you’re done! The machine was simply threaded by air. Included Accessories: Instruction Manual Warranty Information Instructional DVD Scrap catcher Needle Set Screwdriver tweezers Brush/Needle inserter Electronic foot control Thread Nets Oiler Spool Caps Looper Threader Dust Cover Foam thread Pad Spool pin cone holders.

Machine Features:

  • NEW Looper Air Threading: Step1 – Insert from 1/2 inch to 1 inch of thread into each threading hole at a time. Step 2 – Press the air-control pushbutton and you are done! The MO-1000 was just simply threaded by air. Just pull a couple of inches of thread to begin sewing away
  • NEW Automatic Needle Threader: Step 1 – Lower the threading lever. Step 2 – Hook the thread. Step 3 – Release the lever to complete the threading
  • Upper Looper Converter 2-/3-Thread Conversion: Switch to 2-Thread sewing simply by pushing the 2-/3-thread changeover attachment to the left, making this operation even easier
  • Adjustable Differential Feed: Even with easily stretched fabrics such as knits and georgette, create beautifully sewn finishes by adjusting the differential feed with the simple dialing of a knob. Adjustments can even be made while sewing
  • Ample Fabric Throat Area: The height of the throat is 72.4 mm. Due to this increased height, the usability of the work space has improved infinitely
  • LED Sewing Light: The needle area is brightly illuminated. The long-life, energy-efficient and eco-friendly light will not heat up, even after a long period of continuous use
  • Amazingly Quiet Operation: The sound reducing design minimizes operating noise and the MO-1000 sews with less vibration
  • Easy Stitch Length Adjustments: Change the stitch length for specialty thread or overlock techniques using the conveniently located dial
  • Easy Thread Tension Adjustment: Infinitely variable adjustments can be made from 1 – 9. Turn the dial downwards for less tension. Turn the dial upwards for more tension
  • Easy Cutting Width Adjustment: The lower knife cutting width easily and quickly adjusts with the turn of the dial allowing you to create perfect seams and rolled edges
  • Other Useful Features: Automatic rolled hemming, adjustable presser foot pressure, option to deactivate the upper knife, cutting width adjusting dial, safety feature prevents operation when the presser foot is in the upper position or the cover is open, thread trimming blade for easy thread cutting

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