Lindhaus LB4 L-ion Superleggera Digital Pro Backpack Canister Vacuum Cleaner


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Ultra-light Backpack Vacuum Cleaner: This machine has been designed in detail to achieve high performances, large bag capacity, highest level of filtration even with extremely small dimensions and low weight. LB4 is the “lightest backpack vacuum in the world.” This evident advantage combined with the comfort provided by the padded and transpiring backrest and the fully adjustable padded straps allows to use it many hours a day without straining the operator.

Very Low Energy Consumption: Energy consumption is extremely low: 340W for the L-ion Digital Pro


  • Multi-function Remote Control: On/Off Function, 3 speeds switch, full bag light, motor over temperature light, battery level. The remote control has a cable with metal connector screwed on the female connector mounted in the machine. The remote control can be easily removed to use the machine as a canister vacuum. The machine works even without remote control since all the functions are duplicated on board
  • Easy Transformation into a Canister Vacuum Cleaner: LB4 is a multifunction machine, thanks to its sleek design and compact dimensions it is easily adaptable into a canister vacuum cleaner. Simply remove the shoulder kit (4 screws) and screw 4 pivoting wheels (optional). The machine rotates and follows the direction desired by the operator. A convenient handle is placed on the top of the machine to transport it or park it vertically
  • Ideal for any Floor: Powerful, silent and super handy, it is equipped with the patented standard Lindhaus M28R universal brush. The suction is optimal at 360° and the central bristles are self-cleaning. For delicate flooring there is also a brush with natural felt (optional)
  • Perfect for difficult to reach areas: cinemas, theatres, trains, airplanes,stairs etc
  • 6-stage Filtration System
  • Rotofil Digital Motor: This new brushless digital motor is the result of a long development work: the result in terms of size, weight (only 450g), performance and noise is truly exceptional when compared with the best brushless motors on the market today. We were able to reduce the consumption of about 50% for the same performance compared to the excellent Rotafil brush motor mounted on the LB4 L-ion, this brought the machine, to work 60 min. in continuous service. We have also developed the “turbo” function on each speed in order to have 40 seconds of super suction if necessary
  • 36V- 6Ah Lithium i-on battery for long runtime
  • Blowing: The strong suction can also be used for the blowing function. It just requires a standard kit that conveys the outgoing air of the motor. Using a hose for suction and one for blowing, the LB4 can also provide suction and blowing simultaneously
  • Lindhaus Lithuim i-on Battery: After years of specific dedicated tests Lindhaus developed lithium-ion batteries for professional use. The capacity is extremely high: 36V-6Ah. The replacement of the battery takes seconds with no tools, allowing the user to work continuously and effectively for 60 min. The total recharging time is very short: only 90 mins. The batteries are for professional use and have a life time of 800 recharging cycles
  • Ultra-light weight and silent, only 8.4lbs
  • Ergonomic handle and aluminum telescopic wand
  • Lindhaus patented M28R Universal Floor Tool
  • Blower function (optional)
  • Power nozzle with Dry Cleaning System (DCS) (optional)
  • Made in Italy

Standard Accessories:

  • Blower Kit
  • 2 Meter Flex Hose with Vacuum Swivel Connector and Handle with Suction Control
  • Swivel Round Brush
  • Dusting Brush
  • Crevice Tool
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Aluminum Telescopic Wand

Manufacturer Limited Warranty:

  • 2 Years Motor
  • 1 Year Battery
  • 1 Year Overall

Additional information

Weight 8.4 lbs
Dimensions 9.0 × 9.0 × 19.5 in


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