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Lindhaus LW30 12″ Lindwash Bare Floor Scrubber and Extractor


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The Lindhaus Company’s many years of experience in the manufacturing of professional carpet cleaners has lead to the creation of this revolutionary floor scrubber. Lindhaus manufactures the Lindwash LW30 Class A machine with all the qualities and performance of large industrial scrubbers eliminating the bulky design, heavy weight and difficult maneuverability.

This unique machine combines lightweight, agility, and practicality by utilizing simple water loading and unloading operations with the amazing power to remove the most stubborn dirt and grime. The custom designed motors are created exclusively for this machine by sister company Rotafil, an Italian company world renowned for producing the highest quality motors. High efficiency by-pass vacuum motor provides extraordinary performance of suction and air-flow.

Universal brush motor controls the brush speed with perfect precision and provides overload protection with a reliable electronic system. – The dosing pump dispenses the exact amount of water to be uniformly distributed on the brush without wasted cleaning solution The soft scrubbing brush is designed to clean and protect most hard surfaces, a more aggressive brush is available for heavy duty cleaning requirements.


  • 2.75 Quarts  Solution Capacity
  • 2.75 Quarts Recovery Capacity
  • 11″ Cleaning Width
  • 11″ Brush Width
  • 11″ Suction Width
  • 250W Brush Motor
  • 110W Input Power
  • Adjustable Brush Pressure
  • 1800 RPM Brush Speed
  • 35′ Power Cord Length
  • Lightweight, just under 24lbs
  • 5.5″ Low Profile
  • Scrubs and Dries in both directions, Pushing forward or Pulling Backward
  • Minimum Consumption of Water and Cleaning Solution
  • Brush pressure is adjustable and indicator lights show the correct setting
  • Sophisticated electronic overload control maintains constant speed (1800 rpm) and switches off the motor in case of overload
  • Available options include a special injection/extraction window cleaning kit as well as upholstery cleaning kit
  • Becomes a carpet cleaner when the LW30 is equipped with the optional carpet nozzle, soft bristle brush roll, and is used with the Lindhaus Textile detergent it can be used to clean low nap, commercial grade, non-padded carpet
  • Multi-surface use, including stone, ceramic, pool decks, wood, tile, vinyl and concrete
  • Made in Italy

Manufacturer Warranty:

  • 2 Year Limited

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Weight 23.9 lbs
Dimensions 19.3 × 16.6 × 24.0 in


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