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Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Powerline Canister Vacuum (Lotus White)




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The Miele Cat & Dog Complete C3 Powerline Canister Vacuum has given pet owners the perfect Tools for their specific needs. However, don’t let this name steer you, this Vacuum is ideal for Mixed Flooring Homes: all Pile Carpeting and all Hard Flooring. This Model comes with 2 Flooring Attachments: an Electric Power Head for all Pile Carpeting, and a Hard Flooring Attachment for all Hard Flooring. This Model also comes with Miele’s best selling Upholstery Tool.

Key Features:

  • Comfort Handle: For especially comfortable handling, with Lever Action, the Floorhead can be easily maneuvered, thanks to the Flexible Hose
  • Comfort Cable Rewind with a Single Touch Control: Without inconvenient stooping; Extra-quick and convenient, the entire Cable can be rewound by simply tapping the Footswitch
  • Practical Locking System: Incredibly secure with just one click, nothing comes loose; Floorhead, Telescopic Suction Wand and Handle lock into each other with an acoustic fit
  • 1200W High-suction Power
  • Active AirClean Filter to effectively neutralize odors
  • No need to stoop, thanks to the plus/minus Foot Controls
  • High suction power when the Dust Bag is full
  • 6 Stage Suction Pedals: Increasing user convenience, the Cat and Dog Canister Vacuum Cleaner has 6 Stage Foot Pedal Suction Control. Easily change your Vacuum’s Suction Level to go from Fooring to Specialty Cleaning duties
  • 3D Bumper Guard: Miele has introduced a 3D Bumper Guard to protect Furniture and Walls from day-to-day wear and tear. No more scuffing rubber for the Miele C3 Series as the smooth elegant touch of the Bumper will now serve as your Home’s Protector
  • GN AirClean Dust bag: The Miele Complete Cat and Dog Canister Vacuum uses GN-style Bags. These Vacuum Bags are 9-ply and feature Durable Construction and Top-level Filtration. Upon Bag removal, a Self-sealing Top traps Dirt to increase Air Quality in your Home
  • AAC 50 Filter: Miele Active AirClean Filter has a thin layer of Charcoal to remove unwanted odors from the Air. Combined with a Rubber Air-tight Sealing System around the sides of the Filter, you have the ideal setup for Allergy Sufferers or anyone looking to enjoy a higher quality of Air in their Home. Miele has recommended changing once a year for standard user volumes (or approx. 50hrs of use)
  • Vortex Motor: The Miele Cat and Dog C3 Vacuum Cleaner, features the Vortex 1200W motor. Backed by Miele’s 7 Year Warranty and at the top-of-the class in Suction this Motor is pure quality. The Vortex Motor also operates at an extremely low decimal level providing users with the best experience available

Quality Attributes:

  • 1 Thousand Hour Testing: To be sure that all Components of the Complete C3 Cat Dog Vacuum hold up for the average Residential use over 20 Years, Miele runs its Vacuums through a 1,000 Hours of testing, to ensure the Machine runs smoothly the whole time while never loosing performance capabilities
  • Daily Stress Test: Miele C3 Canister Vacuums are put through the most stressful of simulated daily activity. Doorway Jams, Wall Bumping, Twisting and Turning are just a few of the tests. Any real life stress your Vacuum could possibly face; it has already seen it in the developmental stage. This ensures the Vacuums leaving production are ready for the real world
  • Hose Test: The Miele Cat and Dog Complete Vacuum Cleaner uses a Hose that has been tested and tested thousands of times. Stretched and Dangle, these Hoses are put through the test to ensure function and durability
  • Made In Germany: Quality you can count on to last many years


Included Accessories:

  • ElectroPlus Power Brush
  • Parquet Floor Brush
  • Handheld Turbo Brush
  • Stainless Steel Telescopic Wand
  • Upholstery Nozzle
  • Dusting Brush
  • Crush Proof Electric Hose w/ Deluxe Handle Grip


Manufacturer Warranty: 

  • 7  Year (Motor and Casing)
  • 1 Year Parts

Additional information

Weight 23.0 lbs
Dimensions 19.52 × 8.94 × 11.18 in


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