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Sewing for Beginners: Tools and Materials You Need

Sewing is so in right now! More than one million people tried out sewing for the first time between 2016 and 2019.

With sewing kits becoming cheaper, sewing for beginners has never been so easy. But you don’t want to rush your sewing journey. You need to find the right supplies for your sewing needs first.

What does every beginning sewer need to buy, and what should you avoid purchasing? What fabrics are good for your initial sewing projects? How can you measure and cut your fabrics properly?

Answer these questions and you can create beautiful clothes and textiles in no time. Here is your quick guide.


Woven fabrics are the best fabrics for beginners as they do not slip or stretch. Cotton is easy to find in many stores, and some sewing kits contain small pieces of fabric you can work with.

You can also try linen. The sides stick together, making it easy to sew loops and connect the ends. Linen can be a little thick, so you should select flannel if you have trouble twisting or cutting linen.

Do not use knitted fabrics, as they are hard to cut through. Popular fabrics include silk and polyester. Take sewing classes and learn a few sewing tips for beginners so you use them correctly.

Measuring Tools

You should have several tools that let you measure the materials you are using. You should buy a tape measure with two sides. One side should have inches while the other should have centimeters and millimeters.

A ruler can help you measure objects and serve as a straight edge. Try to find a ruler with a slider, as you can use the slider to measure and mark off small pieces of fabric.

Rotary rulers are special rulers with length and angle markings. You can use them when you are cutting squares and shapes in your fabric.

Cutting Tools

Many people learning to sew use a pair of scissors they already have. It’s okay to use your scissors, but they can damage the fabric if they are dull or old.

Try to get a new pair of sewing shears that are specifically for the fabric you plan on using. You should also get pinking shears that have jagged edges. They help you make seams and textures on products you are finishing.

Rotary cutters use circular blades to cut accurate and quick lines. Find a cutter with a good grip, as the blade tends to be very sharp.

The Perfect Supplies for Sewing for Beginners

Before you start sewing for beginners, you need to get a few supplies. Buy cotton, linen, and flannel with any colors or designs you want. Select thin materials that are not knitted so you can handle them easily.

Buy at least one tape measure, ruler, and rotary ruler. Do not use the scissors you use to cut paper or plastic. Purchase a special pair of sewing shears as well as a rotary cutter.

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