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The Perks of a Professional Sewing Machine

For the casual sewer, a home machine is great for getting the job done. If sewing is part of your business, however, or you sew almost every day and enjoy spending your free time on sewing projects, a professional sewing machine may be the next step in your sewing adventures. Professional sewing machines come with amazing benefits that make the price tag worth it. Here are just a few perks of purchasing a professional sewing machine:

Enjoy Better Safety Features

Professional sewing machines are designed to be heavily used. The more a machine is used, the greater the chance of error or injury, which are the last things any avid sewer wants to happen. The neat thing about professional sewing machines is that they come with safety features designed to prevent you from sewing slip-ups and from injuring yourself, even when you have been sewing for hours and are feeling tired.

Improved Customization when Sewing

Measuring tape on unmade suit

Your standard, at-home sewing machine is designed with beginners and casual sewers in mind. While these are great for those who sew as a part-time hobby, these sewing machines can make some basic stitches and create seams in a few different sizes, but that’s about it. Professional machines are meant for more advanced sewers who want maximum options. Those who want to try new things and create different sewing projects than they’ve been able to in the past. With a professional sewing machine, you have a lot more creative freedom due to the much wider range of options and sewing machine capabilities.

Benefit from Increased Sewing Machine Durability

Compared to basic, at-home machines, professional sewing machines are significantly more durable. They rely less on plastic parts and are meant to be dependable for many more hours of sewing over years of daily use. Professional sewing machines are designed to be used to support your business or an abundant hobby without having to worry about necessary repairs or replacements due to overuse. This makes them well worth the cost, as purchasing a new sewing machine every so often when things get worn out can be frustrating and costly in the long run.

Complete Sewing Projects Faster

Professional sewing machines are meant to make sewing more efficient. As such, they speed up the process and length of time for a project. Depending on the project being undertaken, using a professional sewing machine can shave hours off production time. If you are someone who often finds yourself in a time crunch to complete your sewing projects, having a professional sewing machine can get you out of a bind and keep you right on track.

Tackle Complex Sewing Projects


It’s one thing to sew a pillowcase on a home machine, but it’s something else altogether to sew a suit jacket, prom dress, or other high-level sewing project. If you’ve been itching to tackle more complex sewing projects such as creating a new wardrobe, tailoring the one you have, or creating clothing from scratch as a part of your home business, a standard home machine just won’t do. Instead, you’ll certainly need the power and precision of a professional sewing machine. Professional sewing machines have the advanced settings you’ll need, the safety features for intense projects, and the durability to sew for long periods of time.

Better Sewing Machine Services

Professional sewing machines are often backed by better customer service, guarantees, and warrantees. This means that if something does go wrong, you’ll be sure to get service quickly. Some professional sewing machines even include regular servicing in the price of the purchase, ensuring that your sewing machine will always be properly maintained. Especially if you depend on your machine for work or daily de-stressing, having high-quality service can be a lifesaver.

Sew for Longer Periods of Time


Typical domestic sewing machines are meant for light work—for repairing tears in clothing, sewing quick and easy projects, etc. Their internal mechanisms aren’t meant to handle more than an hour or two of work at a time. Working them harder than that can burn out the motor and cause other issues that are just plain frustrating to figure out. Professional machines, however, are designed to be used all day, every day, allowing you to work for hours at a time.

Use Heavier Threads and Materials

If you’ve ever wanted to work with heavier threads and fabric styles, a professional sewing machine is a great chance. Thick fabrics such as leather are too dense for standard threads, and your average domestic machine can’t handle the weight of the fabric or thread required. Professional machines can tackle these projects with ease, giving you greater flexibility when it comes to your sewing projects.

Switch Out the Attachments

Professional machines can be made even more flexible with the purchase of various attachments. Companies that manufacture them tend to create a wide variety of attachments that you can purchase and use to achieve even better results from your efforts. Hemmers, binders, feet, and more can be purchased to pump up your professional sewing machine and sewing projects.

Get More for Your Money

The idea of purchasing a professional sewing machine can be daunting at first since it costs more than a standard, domestic machine. When you break down your average cost, however, a professional machine is more durable and your investment will last years, not months. Basic sewing machines aren’t designed for much wear and tear, and the cost of repairs and replacement machines every few years can add up to much more than the cost of a professional sewing machine. Especially when you add free servicing, warrantees, and more—you just can’t beat the upgrade!

To learn more about how professional sewing machines can make your business or hobby even better, contact the team at SewingnMore. We’re here to help you find the right machine for your creative sewing needs.


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