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Three Ways to Get the Most Out of Quilting Machines

Did you know most quilting experts agree that it takes at least 15 hours to complete a basic quilt? It’s no wonder that using a quilting machine can feel intimidating or can leave you wondering where to start.

The best sewing machine for quilting is one that meets you where you are.

While you can create high-quality quilts on an ordinary sewing machine, choosing a machine specifically designed to quilt can save you time and help you create beautiful and durable finished pieces.

Here are three techniques to help you get the most out of your quilting machines.

Set Yourself Up for Success

As you begin your quilting journey, start simple and go slow. Find straight-line designs to get you started. Consider creating smaller pieces first like a table runner or quilted pillow.

As you practice, make sure your quilting machine has a strong straight stitch. This is essential for creating durable quilts and ensures you are set up for long-term success.

When you are starting out, think about choosing fabrics with prints that can cover up mistakes. Solid fabric choices will showcase your quilting skills front and center.

Quilting projects demand time and patience.

By choosing the right projects and fabrics when you’re getting started, you’ll give yourself time to practice, experiment, and make low-stake mistakes on your machine.

Find the Right Patterns

When it comes to quilting, practice makes perfect. When you have the right equipment, all that’s left is to start sewing.

Consider starting with a pieced or patchwork quilt. This is the most basic type of quilt top. It can be constructed with any type of cut fabric including triangles, strips, or squares.

There are also plenty of beautiful patterns for more straightforward quilting projects to help you develop your skillset.

Remember, quilting machines are created to punch through the top, backing, and binding layers of your quilt. Creating your first quilt should be a lot easier than creating it on a normal sewing machine.

You’ll also notice that the wider workspace and longer throat will give you extra space to accommodate your larger projects.

Maximize Your Quilting Machines

You’ll find the best quilting machines set you up for success. From thread tension designed to save your thread from bunching and needles from breaking, to feet for free motion quilting, you should be prepared to tackle any project.

The best sewing machines for quilting should also feature customizable stitch options. You’ll be able to create intricately stitched designs across your quilt.

Stay Inspired

Once you have a handle on the basic techniques of quilting machines, you’ll find inspiration everywhere.

Whether that’s by setting long-term quilting goals, finding local classes you can join, or finding ideas online, there is a community of quilters at your fingertips.

Check out the Learning n More blog for new how-to articles and project ideas to stay inspired. Happy quilting!

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