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Why Does My Sewing Machine Keep Jamming?

Did you know that as far back as 27,000 years ago, people were stitching clothing together to protect themselves from the elements?

Sewing has come a long way since then, with modern sewing machines making short work of our stitching needs. But if you have sewing machine problems such as jamming, the opposite is more likely true.

Beginner and professional seamstresses should know how to deal with a sewing machine jamming. There’s plenty you can do to fix sewing machine problems before calling for a repair.

For all the answers to “why does my sewing machine keep jamming”, read this quick guide.

Why Does My Sewing Machine Keep Jamming?

Sewing machine jamming and making your projects more difficult than they should be? Even the best sewing machines have this problem on occasion. Here are three common reasons for a jammed machine.

1. Threading Issues

If you’re sewing machine is jamming, the first place you should look is your thread. Incorrect threading through the machine can cause jamming and all sorts of sewing machine malfunction.

Of all the threading issues, the most common is that the tension is set too low. Thread tension is what helps pull the thread through whatever fabric you’re sewing. Without enough tension, that can’t happen.

All you have to do to fix this problem is lift the presser foot and re-thread the needle. Use your manufacturer’s instructions to be sure you’re doing this correctly.

2. Broken Needle

A bent or broken needle won’t allow the thread to pass through what’s being sewn. If you’re sewing machine is jamming and the threading isn’t the issue, carefully inspect your needle for any deformities, breakage, or damage.

Avoid this sewing machine malfunction by ensuring you’re always using the right needle for the job. Consider both the type and size of the needle before beginning any sewing project.

3. Dirt & Debris

Believe it or not, dirt and debris have a huge impact on the functioning of your sewing machine. In fact, it can impact both the needle and the machine.

If the needle is clogged with dust and debris, it can cause skipped stitches or jam the sewing machine. Conversely, dust and debris can clog the mechanical parts of the machine, causing sewing machine jamming.

If your threading and your needle aren’t the issues, turn the machine off and clean it thoroughly.

Sewing Machine Maintenance Tips

The best way to stop your sewing machine jamming is to care for it properly. Proper care and maintenance prevent sewing machine problems before they begin.

Your machine should be cleaned at least once per month if you use it regularly. Your needles also need to be regularly cleaned and inspected for damage. Regular oiling of the machine’s metal parts is also an important part of maintenance.

After each project, consider giving the machine a good cleaning. You can use compressed air to clean most parts of the machine and you should always cover it up when not using it.

More Sewing Help

If you’ve been racking your brain, asking “why does my sewing machine keep jamming?”, these three common reasons are where to start. If you’ve tried all of the above and nothing seems to be working, it might be time for sewing machine repair.

For tips on all of that and more, check out our blog on all things sewing, stitching, and quilting.

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