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Child Sewing with mother

Holiday Sewing Projects to do With the Kids

We are well into the holiday season and quickly enough, the kids will be home from school during their holiday break. Get in plenty of quality time and keep them busy by completing a few holiday sewing projects! Opt for quick and simple holiday sewing projects for kids that can be completed in one sitting, or longer sewing projects that require several sessions to complete. No matter which route you go, there will be memories made and a keepsake to treasure. Here are project ideas for holiday sewing for kids that we recommend:

Simple Stockings

Christmas Stockings

Stockings are a quintessential holiday sewing project and ideal for children since they are quite simple to make. Start by either printing the pattern or helping the child you are working with to create their own. Select the fabrics they want to use, cut the fabric to size, then have the child cut the outline for the holiday stocking while leaving enough room for sewing the edges. From there, teach the child to use a simple stitch of your choosing to sew the contrasting fabrics together, creating two sides to the stocking. Along the toe, notch curves will be needed. With younger children, it may be best to handle most of the sewing yourself. Finally, sew the two sides together and just like that, you’ll have a simple and cute stocking!

Holiday Snuggle Blanket

Quilting is always a fun option when teaching children how to sew. Since quilts are created in small pieces before assembly, a quilting project can be broken up over time. When working with kids, this allows the flexibility for limited attention spans or shorter periods of project time. This particular holiday snuggle blanket tutorial even comes with a video for visual learners. Quilted sewing projects can be highly repetitive, which allows kids to practice and improve as they go along. First, have them cut all of the elements out, then focus on teaching them the basic stitches to bring everything together.

Keepsake Ornament

Christmas Ornament

Even very young children can enjoy sewing with the right approach. This keepsake ornament sewing project is designed for little ones and can be further modified if needed. Start by having the child trace their hand on a piece of felt. Then, have them cut it out and place it on top of another piece of felt (try to leave room for sewing around the edges). Then, have the child sew the pieces together, adding filling at the right time, then sewing the ornament shut. Finally, add a loop of ribbon so it can hang on the tree. If the child is too young to handle a needle and thread, consider hole-punching the felt and letting them weave ribbon through to close the ornament.

Fun Bookmarks

Bookmarks are a great holiday sewing project for kids who are just being introduced to sewing and need to learn a few basic stitches. While the bookmark pattern isn’t holiday-themed itself, it can be easily modified and makes for great gifts. Start by making the template, then cutting out all of the pieces. There are quite a few small pieces to this project, so it might be best to work on this step together. Next, secure the heart to the paperclip. This is the hardest part, so be sure to work together. From there, use a backstitch for the leaves. Lastly, have the child secure the flower using a French knot, then sew the two hearts together using a running stitch. Just like that, you’ll have a super cute bookmark you made together.

Cutlery Pockets

Kids love it when they can show off their projects, which is part of what makes these cutlery pockets such a great holiday sewing project for kids. Make as many as needed for setting the table at your holiday dinner and the child in your life will be able to proudly show off their sewing skills. While this project has quite a bit of “wow” factor, it’s actually very simple to make. Cutting the pieces is very straightforward—it’s just important to help them get everything the same size. From there, a simple running stitch pulls this project together. It is possible to make an entire set in just an afternoon or take extended time to do finish this project.

T-Shirt Quilt

If you have a tween in your life who is growing fast but struggling to let go of their favorite clothing items, this t-shirt quilt could make a wonderful holiday sewing project. More complex than the quilt above, it is best for children who have some experience sewing and who have the patience to complete a larger quilt. With that said, your basic quilting techniques are all in place here, so as long as you know how to quilt, you should be able to instruct the child easily through the project. Be certain to give them plenty of creative freedom as this is a highly personal holiday sewing project for kids.

Embroidered State Artwork

State Flag in Arizona Shape


This Christmas sewing project is ideal for gifting and quite easy to complete. Kids create an embroidered state by choosing a state they love or have lived in (or even a city or country), then print out a map of the border. Cut along the border, then use this cutout as the embroidery pattern. You can use any stitch you like, giving the child practice with whatever stich they may be learning. Once the piece is done, frame it, wrap it, and gift it!

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