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The game will be about a son (a player) returning from his course as an exchange student. It was his last year of school and he is coming home to find a job. When he gets home, he notices that some things have changed a lot. His mother, his stepfather, and his two sisters (one younger, one older) live at home. His stepfather has always been a good man, and you and the family accepted him as a true father. What has changed and why he “can be bad”, he will learn in the demo version of the game.

Some will say, oh no, your typical mother/son, brother/sister incest game. But in this game, the choice of content will be up to the players. The player can choose who to fall in love with if he wants to fall in love with a family member, have a “normal” girlfriend, etc. He will be able to choose how he wants to do it, start a tender love story and be an asshole who takes what he wants or corrupts them to earn money (example).

The player can decide everything, such as having a secret relationship with his mother or an affectionate relationship with a girl by forcing her sister to have a relationship with a friend who pays him to do it. Or leave family members alone and have a few girlfriends instead. Then the player will decide everything in the game, what he wants to do, and how he wants to play.

Like a dating sim. But this game will have a dark (rough and brutal) backstory, and there will always be rivals who want to “steal” your girls, and the tyrant himself, mentioned in the title. It will also be more difficult to archive your goals and there will be many ways to achieve them.

Almost any content can be avoided.

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